Chroma Genie

Green Screen Software

Chroma Genie offers many features

Green Screen Software stand alone

with  Photoshop integration 

Create Photoshop  PSD files with layers and smart objects for superb green screen removal


Chroma Genie (review from green screener)


This Image editing tool is not your usual green screen software for beginners. Chroma Genie happens to be a top choice for many industry professionals, especially those who require its tethering option that lets them apply Chroma Key straight from their camera, with no extra hardware. It is also featured as a plugin for Photoshop, letting you access advanced green screen editing options right from your favorite photo editing software. Multicolor support and batch processing green screen or Blue screen are all included, same as special effects like frames, masks, and covers. Chroma Genie can also generate multiple versions of the same photo to be compared side by side, which is convenient to make a decision while you’re in the middle of a shoot, you can add your own action to customize your output  or even add new features

Green Screen Software- Chroma Genie
Green Screen software
offers green on green great for any events and for event photographers

Camera Tethered (from cameras like Canon or Nikon)

Green On Green

No color change on  yellow

not like any  other software 

Sample composite image2

  • 16 Backgrounds on Screen no need to Look up Backgrounds at the event

  • composite image use as many images that you want  to create a composite image

  • Use Your Digital Camera’s Auto-Rotate Feature

  • Auto Background  selection using  camera info

  • Green Screen Conversion

  • Blue Screen  Conversion

  • Batch Images Conversion

  • Auto Create from one Image up to 8 Images with Different Backgrounds

  • Last 10 Converted Images on Screen

  • Last 10 Images from Camera

  • Image Adjustment with Single Button

  • Remove Subject even if they have Green Clothes with one Single Button

  • Preset Adjustment

  • Auto Print ( just take Pictures Chroma Genie will Convert the Image and Print it Automatically)

  • Dual Monitors Supported

  • Photo Booth Version Available

  • Resize and Move the Image with your Mouse and Mouse Wheel

  • Magazine Covers, Masks, Borders and More…


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